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The Story

It is believed that the fate of all civilization rests on the completion of this ancient ritual—a grueling march into the desert with grisly purpose. It is a journey measured not by the distance traveled or the days past, but by the number of lives sacrificed to the sands along the way.

When a young girl and a long-held secret threaten to put an end to the ritual for good, will the prophecy come true and civilization end? Or has this brutal ritual been carried out over and over… for nothing?

The Book

Prophetica is a comic specifically designed for digital reading, using a widescreen layout ideal for reading on tablets and computer monitors. It is readable in your browser as a web comic at Propheti.ca, or on any device as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

  • 38 full-color pages
  • High quality & DRM-free!
  • Download the comic in .pdf, .cbz, or .cbr format.
  • Read it in the app of your choice on any device!

The Series

Prophetica is an anthology series showcasing stories from a fictional world through the lens of its dominant religion.  Each issue will tell a self-contained story showing how different people from different eras view and interpret this religion.  Decades or even centuries may pass between issues to show the changes in the people and the world over time. The stories will range from grandiose, magical, world-changing epics, to small slice-of-life tales. The settings span bronze-age villages, modern-day coffee shops, and futuristic space stations.


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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